"Her hand is outstretched to the poor"
(Eshet Chayil, Proverbs, 31: 20)
"Remember [our] history…ask your father and he will tell you"
(Ha’azinu, Deutoronomy, 32: 7)

The Eshet Chayil Foundation is the proud sponsor of these projects and organizations:
Please click the links below to read about ECF’s activities on behalf of these organizations and projects.
  • Kever Rachel
  • Hevron
  • Tomb of Joseph
  • Beit-El
  • Hazon Yeshaya
  • Dor Yeshorim
  • Davidic Dynasty
  • Ascent of Safed Kabbalah Center
  • Beit Natan
  • Marpeh Lanefesh
  • JDC
  • Mateh Binyamin
  • Merkaz Harmony
  • Operation Refuah
  • Scopus
  • Jewish Russian Learning Center

  • Chessed, loving-kindness, is the badge of honor of the Jewish people. The Eshet Chayil Foundation is the embodiment of chessed. Throughout the United States and Israel, the Eshet Chayil Foundation sponsors numerous Jewish charitable organizations and projects that promote Jewish continuity and education. Eshet Chayil’s generosity helps the needy and downtrodden among our people and protects many of our holiest sites in Israel. The timeless values of the true ‘Eshet Chayil’, Woman of Valor, are the ever-inspiring source of the Eshet Chayil Foundation’s endeavors on behalf of Jewry.