The Eshet Chayil Foundation has been responsible for helping a wide range of Jewish causes since 1998 - from supporting the poor to strengthening existing charities to preserving the sanctity of Jewish holy sites. Since the foundation’s inception, our Eshet Chayil, Susan Roth along with her late husband Michael, has single handedly seen to the needs of our recipients. Now, as the needs of the Jewish community continue to rise, we are turning to you to help ECF maintain and increase the important and crucial work it has begun. The Foundation must evolve from the aid of One Eshet Chayil -Woman of Valor, to the collective helping hands of the whole Anshei Chayil - People of Valor. Your contribution will not only enable us to continue to extend our helping hand, but to increase the depth and scope of our reach. As you can see from the pages of our Website we extend our helping hand worldwide, to the individual in need as well as to the collective needs of the Jewish People. Your contribution WILL make a difference. Please help us help the Jewish Nation by become a member of the ECF with a renewable yearly contribution or with a one-time donation of any amount.
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