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Eshet Chayil sponsors "Operation Refuah"
In January of 1988, the Eshet Chayil Foundation began "Operation Refuah"- a worldwide campaign dedicated to promoting Ahavat Yisrael - Loving one's fellow Jew, giving tzedakah (charity) and doing acts of kindness to merit the physical and spiritual healing of the Jewish People. As a result of this historic campaign culminating in a major event at the Kotel (Wailing Wall), tens of thousands of Jews have signed a scroll dedicating themselves to the important precept of Ahavat Yisrael, and have pledged to perform acts of goodness and kindness towards their fellow man. Operation Refuah was founded in memory of Sandra Lynn Baruch a true Eshet Chayil (For further details, see
Davidic Dynasty
The Davidic Dynasty is an ongoing Eshet Chayil project created by its founder Susan Roth, a descendant of King David, to promote Jewish pride and continuity. King David purchased the City of David/Jerusalem from the Jebusites over 3000 years ago and crowned the city as the Eternal Capital of the Jewish People. On May 28-30, 2007 , in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem, Davidic Dynasty will host the first 'Eternal House of David Family Reunion' in Jerusalem. A Davidic Fair is planned to coincide with the reunion. The Fair, open to the general public, will include art music & books as well as special workshops such as harp and sling-shot making. For more information go to

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Beit Natan
The Beit Natan program in Israel was established to support women with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Among its numerous services, Beit Natan provides a home hospice visitation program, runs the Lev Rachel Help-Line and organizes retreats for the sick. They offer classes in breast cancer awareness and early detection as well as in preventative health education. The ECF helps defray the medical and non-medical costs which these women and their families face. Beit Natan is recognized by the Israel Cancer Society.

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Marpeh Lanefesh
Center for Aid and Rehabilitation of the Mentally Disabled in Israel Marpeh Lanefesh is a volunteer organization that mainstreams the mentally disabled into Israeli schools and society. Caring, empathy and dignity are the therapeutic cornerstones and tools of this organization. Professional health care workers and doctors volunteer their services to this healing process. Their goal is to integrate the individual into his/her own natural setting, thereby restoring that person to a productive and happy life. The ‘Alumim’ program that is currently under way will provide youth hostels as a transition between the hospital stay and school. The love, services and support offered by Marpeh Lanefesh impact directly on the healing process. ECF is a proud contributor to this worthy institution.
Eshet Chayil Supports The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc. (JDC) Since 1914, the JDC has sponsored programs of relief, rescue and renewal to help Israel address its most urgent social challenges. Much like The Eshet Chayil Foundation, the JDC is committed to the idea that all Jews are responsible for one another and that "To save one person is to save the world" (Mishna, Sanhedren 4:5). During the past decade, Israel absorbed one million immigrants—many of whom are Ethiopians. Ninety percent of the 80,000 Ethiopian-Israelis are suffering financial hardships, and eighty percent of Ethiopian-Israeli women are unemployed. In part, through the support given by The Eshet Chayil Foundation to the JDC, thousands of Ethiopian women have received employment and job skills training, helping them lead more fulfilling lives and contributing to the building of a modern Israeli society. The Eshet Chayil Foundation would like to increase its donations to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc. (JDC) and be able to continue helping these Ethiopian-Israeli women break through obstacles that stand in their way, thus opening the door for them and those around them to new hope and opportunity.
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Merkaz Harmony
Mercaz Harmony, an integrated Gan (preschool) in Israel, was founded in 1986 by Joan Shrensky, a Special Needs expert, at the request of parents of children with challenges. Over time, the Center has grown from the original single class consisting of 13 children to a present day waiting list of 30 children. Municipalities across Israel, professionals and parents of special children from around the world turn to Mercaz Harmony on a constant basis in search of guidance in their challenge to help children with special needs to succeed. Thanks in part to the generosity of The Eshet Chayil Foundation, Mercaz Harmony is able to offer a variety of programs dedicated to individuals with special needs and their families, opportunities and activities towards better inclusion in school, society, and life in general. The Eshet Chayil Foundation is proud of Merkaz Harmony’s accomplishments and would like to upgrade its donations to this most worthwhile organization so that hundreds of children each year can continue to be mainstreamed into regular classrooms, building their self esteem and countering societal stigmatization.
Jewish Russian Learning Center
Torah classes, lectures and seminars are offered to our Russian speaking brothers and sisters at the Jewish Russian Learning Center. The Center puts out the “Fifth Dimension”, a Russian language magazine with illuminating articles about Judaism and Torah. They also host the “Fifth Dimension” Jewish Russian radio talk show whose audience ranges in the hundreds of thousands. In addition, the Center provides scholarships to those who wish to study in yeshivot and other Jewish learning centers. The ECF helps the Russian Jewish community with these projects.

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Mateh Binyamin
Mateh Binyamin is a high level religious- Zionist junior high and high school for boys located less than half a mile from Ramallah, a hotbed of Arab terror. The boys must travel to and from school in bulletproof buses and the yeshiva’s windows are bulletproof and cannot be opened, thereby incurring the added expense of extensive air-conditioning. The pressing needs of the yeshiva’s scholarship fund are the result of the horrendous effects of the terror unleashed against Israel in the past five years. By sponsoring Mateh Binyamin, the ECF assures that the sweet voice of Torah education in Israel continues to resonate.

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SCOPUS - Scopus celebrated its first marriage at the beginning of 2005. The wedding was held just before a spectacular sunset, overlooking the city of Jerusalem and the Judean hills. They are a wonderful couple who just brought a new Jewish child into this world. Scopus is special among matchmaking organizations in that it serves all Jews, religious and non-religious, age 20-45 (and sometimes older). The range of the market is challenging and requires a substantial database to meet the needs of our participants. Our database is now over 200 names and growing, with new participants being added weekly and new matches being suggested. Scopus is sustained through the generosity of the Eshet Chayil Foundation, with assistance from other foundations and private donors.

Dor Yeshorim
As a relatively small, inter-marrying population, both Ashkenazic as well as Sephardic Jews are at higher risk than the general population for being carriers of certain genetically based diseases. Dor Yeshorim offers anonymous genetic screening that identifies carriers of these diseases. Also, high school students may choose to be tested especially before they enter the ‘shidduch’/dating world. Several major Torah authorities as well as many physicians endorse this program. The ECF supports Dor Yeshorim.

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